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Online Gambling Of Illinois May Face UIGEA Confrontation

Online gambling is now permitted in Illinois, but that doesn’t stand for the UIGEA won’t obstruct the payment handling in the state.
 Now that Illinois has certified three corporations to manage and operate online gambling sites in the state, the promoters must guard against the negative influence of the UIGEA. Like state lotteries in New Hampshire and North Dakota, the faultlessly legal online gambling may confront payment troubles, as credit card companies cautiously reject all gambling payments to prevent penalties.

Illinois vote to permit the operators to receive online betting on horse racing as a way to build incomes for both the state and its racing business. The US Department of Justice says all online gambling is illegal, but has not impeded with local  firms running very public Internet betting and gamble.

The UIGEA, as clarified by  the latest judgement by the US Third Circuit Court of Appeals, allows penalties against payment processors who aid in the transfers of money mixed up in illegal online gambling.
However, the court found the UIGEA does not make any sort of gambling unlawful of itself, but merely it enforces  state laws existing versus gaming.
Also, exceptions are unmistakably spelled out  in the UIGEA for horse racing and state lotteries. But, with the  difficalt to understand and adverse position of the DoJ, card companies have shown extreme reluctance to process  transactions if they involve gambling.
The condition demonstrates the need for the federal government to cease trying to impose law on the states,  permitting the states to make their own decisions on gambling, as they customarily have.
In the period in-between, Illinois may find its new income source choked off by another unpredicted nasty side effect of the troublesome UIGEA.

Online Casino Ban Actually Helps Money Launderers

 A gaming-law specialist says the blockage on online casino gambling payment deals may surge rather than obstruct money laundering.
 One of the ambiguous causes given for the requirement of the UIGEA ban on payment processing to online casinos,  the obstruction of money laundering. However, the actual effect of executing the problematical law may be to drive proceedings to shadier companies more likely to participate in money laundering.
Joseph M. Kelly, an specialist in gambling laws from Buffalo State University, told the Los Angeles Times that wresting founded and honest processors out of the online gambling transaction business may actually rise the risks of money laundering. Online casinos at present dealing with respectable firms will have no alternative but to use fewer scrupulous companies once the UIGEA is carried out on December 1st.

“You shrink respectable payment processors and supersede them with those who don’t leave a paper trail,” Kelly expressed of the effect of the UIGEA.
In addition, the paper mentions an executive from the American Bankers Association, who attested during Congressional hearing on the UIGEA that the law would have “no chance of practical victory” in fighting money laundering.
Specialists seem to approve that payments will still get handled, but with the added careless burden of straining the US financial system. As ABA spokespersons edged out, not only is the law requiring examination of over 93 billion deals handled, but awaits an impractical streamlining and efficient  report between US banks and foreign banks ungoverned by the UIGEA.

Online Casino Gambling Regulations in Denmark

Online Casino Gambling regulations in Denmark have came under fire. Originally the Danish legislators created new Online Casino Gambling regulations in that country to abide by laws set out by the European Union to create a level playing field for a more open Online Casino Gambling industry among member states.

The draft regulations made available to the European Commission earlier this year drove the commission to a three month waiting period while it could check the proposed law’s compliance. After checking the propositions made by Denmark the E.C. decided it would impose a further waiting period because the E.C. felt the regulations did not fully adhere to guidelines set out by the commission. Now Denmark can not implement it’s new regulations until November 9th of this year.

The European Gambling and Betting Association’s secretary general, Sigrid Ligné, said in a statement, ” We support the Danish government’s intention to move forwards towards a regulated opening of the Online Casino Gambling market, but this has to be done in compliance with E.C. law requirements. We welcome the European Commission’s continued resolve to ensure that all gaming and betting legislation in the E.U. complies with the core principles of the E.C. Treaty.” The secretary general added, E.U. consumers demand a diverse, safe and secure online gaming and betting offer. More and more Member States are responding to these demands by moving away from their existing system of a gambling monopoly to a licensing system adopted to the internet.”

The EGBA statement details its objections to the Danish draft proposal, stating that the licensing regime fails to take into account securities and controls already offered by other EU jurisdictions, in conflict with jurisprudence of the European Court of Justice. It also contends that Danish state monopoly is continued on inter alia pool betting for horse racing.

The introduction of ISP and financial transactions blocking and a marketing ban was also a bone of contention as is the prohibition for non-Danish residents to participate in Danish licensed games. The Danish government has a month to adopt recommendations by the E.C. or it may face legal action imposed on the government by the Commission.

Online And Offline Casino Gambling

Offline gambling had gripped the interest of many, long before the excitement of online casino gambling began. With the development of an assortment of Online as well as Land based casinos, Gambling has rapidly become a recreation and amusement activity, drawing and converting a growing number of people- into players. What started as the first online casino, 10 years ago, has now ended in hundreds like it, in the online marketplace today. Today, an approaching figure of around seven million people plays online worldwide and a further approximation of more than $12 billion is spent in online casinos alone. When playing online, you save money on hotels, restaurants and airfares too. Furthermore, Online Casinos have the same games; black jack, baccarat, poker, craps, roulette and generating the same excitement as land based casinos.

Though online casinos, with some of their  sole features, have achieved brisk acceptance with players, the charm and magic of a Land based Casino still remains unmatched. The luxury of a “Real” casino is infallible and is difficult to be procreated on your computer screens. The greatest benefit of gambling in a Land based casino is that it is frequently joined with traveling and vacations to the grand cities like Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Family places of recreation, with theme parks and other temptations it is what attract most tourists and families to such cities, along with all the glitz and glamour of high profile casinos, a major attraction for the adult generations. 

We can classify Land based Casinos into three groups of casinos or casino gaming establishments, luxurious land based casinos, cruise ship casinos and local card gaming clubs. The luxurious Land based casinos have a world of their own, once you enter their ring, you are enthralled and floored by the glitz and glamour and the whole atmosphere.

The Cruise ship casinos are practically of the same scale and magnificence as the big, luxurious land based casinos. And they try their best to produce the exact same atmosphere and setting as that in the land based casinos, designing the same lightings, applauding crowd and ringing of the slot’s machines. Local gambling clubs are more rational substitutes to the luxury in the large scale casinos in the big cities. The request for gambling enterprises is flourishing and that has led to the swift growth of these kinds of casino formations. However, if you are a new player, then the best way you can train yourself to become a professional casino gambler, is by sitting in the comfort of your home and gambling Online. It is always good not to feel the pressure from other players, as in a land based casino, and it is always easier to try different strategies and sharpen your basic gaming skills infront of your screen. Probably, this is the reason, why Online casinos have matched up to the success of the Offline casinos, in such short time.

Online Casino Gambling at Online Casinos

Online Casino Gambling is a relaxed and fun way to supplement a persons income. Particularly during these times of worldwide economic trouble, many people throughout the world have been moving to online casino gambling to not only aid their bank accounts with some extra money, but also more and more people are moving to online casino gambling as their primary source of income.
Online casino gambling at online casinos can become very profitable for people who turn to this as a way of generating income in the middle of high unemployment rates. There are many reasons for preferring online gambling. One important reason is that most online casinos have much higher odds than land based casinos. The reason for this is less overhead. Online casinos do not need to pay for hotels, gourmet food and first class entertainment. Additional  reason why the odds are in the players favor at online casinos is the absolute competitiveness found within the online casino world. Literally, dozens of online casinos are being built and are aiming to become the  best thing in online gambling. Online casinos will do whatever it takes to keep their players  pleased and playing regularly. This way  players can look forward to many opportunities within these online casinos to cash in big. Starting with generous welcome bonuses, to ongoing specialized game tournaments, progressive jackpots, VIP programs and much more.
Even gamblers in the United States can take advantage of this amusement and comfortable money making appraoch, as there are  dozens of online casinos that allow online gambling for people in the US. Each of these online casinos is fully fitted to meet their targeted market needs.

USA Casino games – bring players into the USA casinos

USA Casino games are really what brings the players into the USA casinos. There are several software casino companies that power online casino gambling sites that accept USA Players. These include RTG, Rival Gaming and Top Game.

RTG casinos USA support some of the slickest graphics, most crisp sounds, and generally provide for the most fun. Many of our favorite online casinos are RTG casinos not just because of the games but also because of the huge deposit bonuses. RTG casinos really do make life a lot easier for USA players and that extends to making easy, instant deposits.

Vegas Technology Casinos USA have everything that every other casino has. Several games are exclusive games to Vegas Technology Casinos, Slot machines supported at these casinos and the constant high powered tournaments are really a crowd favorite. USA players will also be very fond of the bonuses that Vegas Technology casinos have, especially the exclusive ones.

Top Game Casinos bring to the table, that others don’t, is their ability to run multiple USA Casino Games at once. This allows for easy transition between games, or playing several slots at the same time. You will be able to afford play many games with the huge deposit bonuses found at USA Top Game Casinos. Casinos running on Top Game and that accept USA players, take many different deposit methods. This is key to accommodating as many USA players as possible when making deposits.

Advantages of an Online Casino Gambling vs. Land Based Casino

It’s common knowledge, that when it comes to gambling, land based casinos always have an edge over its players, in whichever game they choose to play. And no, games are not the only reason for their advantage, but there is a lot more that helps in thriving this land based casinos day by day. 

If you have ever had a chance to stopover at land based casino, you would have definitely noticed a few features, typical with every land based casino, such as free alcohol, bright lighting system and atmosphere filled with applauding noises and slot  ringing, to name a few.

Free flow alcohol is one of the main incentives, why at first, most of the people enter a casino. As soon as a person enters the casino, he is bound to turn into a player, and when this happens, the free alcohol trick has worked for the casino. With free alcohol, any player is sure to drink more than his limit, making his reasoning skills and logic, leisurely and gloomy.

In addition, it is a conscious effort made by the casino to create flashy and luminous light settings inside a casino. It gives the illusion of a bright day to its players, creating an atmosphere where time is insignificant. In fact, there are many casinos, which do not have even a single clock in their play halls. This is another method adopted by most of the land based casinos, to keep you playing longer than you would have if you would have seen the day turn to night, or night to day. 

With all the praising noises and the slot ringing, players are filled with an artificial sense of hope. They get the impression that many players are winning, in turn, boosting up their confidence to play and bet more too. Hardly dressed women are also seen among this applauding crowd, used by the casinos to distract players from their games. These are some,  but not all the main reasons that disconcert the players, making them lose at land based casinos.  

While this was the case of the land based casinos, the online casino gambling is thankfully pardoned of some of the  tactics, giving you an advantage on playing online.

While sitting at home and gambling at online casino, the drinks are on the house, you consume alcohol on your own wish, drinking less or in your limits, and you also don’t have anyone tempting you to drink more. Also, most of the players can keep a tab on their playing time limit, as most of them use windows and can have a look at the time being displayed in the task bar, on their computer screens, or can keep looking at the wall clock in their room. It is advisable that, all the players should preplan how long and how much, they will spend gambling on each round. However, a benefit one gets only from the online casino gambling is that a player need not to  count how much he has won or lost, as that is displayed on the screen after every game too.

And what more, if you feel sidetracked by the game sounds, you can shut off the sound on your computer and think clearly when playing and betting.  

For all of these reasons and more, gambling online is an advantage and definitely makes more sense. And once you have reached your destined goal of winnings, it is always better to quit playing and sign out from the casino site. Don’t be greedy and don’t dig for more money. Assess the situation, leave and take a break, and this way, you will actually get to keep your winnings, without losing them on a additionally bet.

Will European Courts Justify Online Casino Gambling Monopoly?

The European Court of Justice has pronounced that a country has the power to limit private operators from entering the business of online casino gambling and Internet gaming, in a decision that came as a bombshell to many. The decision, which pronounced that private operators can be banned from the online casino and gambling field in order to protect and preserve the interests of country citizens, gave direct justification for the maintaining of the current online gambling and lottery monopoly in Portugal.
The case that was brought to court was not linked to online casino gambling directly. However, the results could have a robust effect on the way the online casino industry is run in Europe. The case related to a argument between Austrian online casino giant and the gambling and lottery monopoly in Portugal. “Liga”, a Portuguese soccer club, is sponsored by “bwin” and so, “bwin’s” online casino advertisements were placed on the uniforms of “Liga” players, as well as on “Ligas” websites. The Portuguese charity that held monopoly privileges to online casino gambling and the lottery accused “bwin” of violating upon their space and their position as a monopoly and, therefore, fined “bwin” as well as “Liga”.
Furthermore, the case was carried to the highest court in Europe, the European Court of Justice, who ruled that the government has the right to bar foreign online casino operators in order to combat fraud and other unsafe practices. In the case of “bwin” vs. Portugals gambling monopoly, the court ruled that this ruling applied because, in the court opinion, gambling involves a high risk of fraud, criminal behavior and unsafe practices. It should be noted that “bwin” is a highly reputable online casino gaming group that puts security in high regard and has said that commercial casino operators can combat fraud on their own as well. Not only governments. However, the court opposed and, in brief, gave permission to Portugal to maintain their government monopoly on online casino games and lottery and get “bwin” out of the picture.
This news is a shock, especially in light of recent efforts across Europe to move away from monopolies in the online casino and gambling industry. For example, Denmark just passed rulings in order to scatter the Danish monopoly “Dansk Spil and allow other online casino operators to compete. Other countries all around Europe and the rest of the world have been in the procedure of progress new legislation to regulate the online casino industry and find the means of allowing offshore casino operators to enter the equation. With these new developments, who knows what will happen. Perhaps “Dansk Spil will try to regain their monopoly and other countries around Europe and the world will put a halt on their online casino regulation legislation. What effect will this have on the online casino industry? We will wait and see.


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