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Tips for casino gambling fans

The built-in house advantage that casinos wield over all the games they offer is relentless, a virtual guarantee to wear down every gambler’s bankroll over the long haul.

But did you know the speed at which players gamble on the games has a direct impact on how hard the house edge will hit them?

Because you can gamble on a slot game faster than any other game, it is important to gamble at a slower pace. Spinning the reels every few seconds during any given playing session translates into a major investment, every dollar of which gets hammered by the house edge.

By slowing down the speed at which you gamble on slots you give yourself a fighting chance of staying in the game longer.

Video poker has a legion of fans who are attracted to the game because every hand you are dealt and every card you draw is as random as a computer program will allow.

This makes the game as close as humanly possible to playing with your own 52-card deck at home. A virtual deck of cards is constantly being shuffled between plays in the game’s computer program.

once you make a bet and hit the deal button, the shuffling stops and five cards are dealt off the top popping up left to right on the screen. The shuffling of the remaining cards continues until you make a decision on what to hold.

once you hit draw, the number of cards you need to fill your hand pop up in the free spaces.

Of all the bets you can make in a casino there is one in which the odds aren’t stacked against you.
That wager is called “free odds” and it’s found at the craps tables. The odds are free because the house takes no edge on them.

Payoffs are made at true mathematical odds. Here’s what you should know. Once you make a line bet and a point is established, you have the option of making an additional bet that the point will be made.
Playing free odds is essential to taking advantage of the opportunities at the dice table and in doing so you’re also trimming even further the low house edge that the casino takes on line bets. It’s really the best bet you can make on any casino game and makes learning how to gamble on craps well worth the effort.

Building up playing credits on online slot and video poker games carries seeds of destruction for casino gambling enthusiasts. once you are playing with electronically metered credits instead of cold, hard cash, it is easy for your money to lose its value. Always be aware of exactly how much money you have on the game in credits no matter what denomination you are playing. With the increase in the number of low-denomination slot games, it’s easy to forget that pennies add up to dollars. Don’t make the mistake of squandering away any good fortune by neglecting to pause to figure out just how much money those credits add up to. Winning doesn’t come easy.

Ruby Fortune Casino Makeover

The staff at Ruby Fortune Casino was delighted to announce that the new rebrand of Ruby Fortune Casino is going live early 2011! One of the most popular casino gambling sites on the web, Ruby Fortune is back with a stunning, new style. There’s not long to go!

Launched in 2003 Ruby Fortune Casino was an instant favorite with players and industry experts alike and won the prestigious ‘Best New Casino 2003′ award from Got2Bet Magazine. The casino has become famous for its extraordinary payout rates (that reached 101.27% across all games in Dec ’03), wide selection of games and promotions that has resulted in exceptional player retention and makes it one of the fastest growing casinos in operation today.

Ruby Fortune Casino is powered by Viper software, the latest edition of the Microgaming casino software, which is the most advanced of its kind. The Viper platform introduces a range of groundbreaking games as well as some new innovative features. These include ‘Auto Play’ that allows you to select the number of hands or spins to play and then plays them for you flawlessly and ‘Expert Mode’ that allows the software to automatically play the best strategy and prompt you if you’ve made a mathematically unsound decision. Other useful features include ‘PlayCheck’ that shows a complete transaction history of every wager that has been made by the player.

Christmas Gambling bonuses coming to Euro Partners casinos!

Titan Casino, Europa Casino and Casino Tropez are each celebrating the 2010 holiday season with a special Advent calendar Christmas promotion. From December 1st – 25th players are invited to countdown to Christmas day and claim a daily Christmas casino bonus. Much like a traditional Advent calendar, a special treat is hidden behind each calendar date. So get into the holiday spirit and join the celebration at Titan Casino, Europa Casino and Casino Tropez !

Europa Casino loves the gift of giving! And what better time to give gifts than the Christmas season? That’s why Europa’s staff came up with an impressive and highly lucrative Advent Calendar, just for you.

Have an amazing time playing in Titan Casino, Europa Casino and Casino Tropez this December, and receive a different gift each and every day. From casino bonuses to cashback treats – everything is absolutely free! All these freebies are guaranteed to lift your spirits and give you an extra boost of holiday cheer.

Check out the Advent Calendar at Titan Casino, Europa Casino and Casino Tropez each day and discover the generosity for yourself!

Simply download the online casino software (if you haven’t done so already) and start winning your Christmas cash and free online casino gambling bonuses.

Advanced Craps Gambling Strategy

An advanced Craps Gambling Strategy can really kick your game up a notch and put you in the best possible position when you are playing this game of chance. While much of the game is left to chance, when you implement an advanced Craps Gambling Strategy you can make wagers and make moves in the game that will whittle away at that house advantage, putting you in a position where you are more likely to win. The more you know about the game and the odds, the better chance you have of winning, and possibly winning big each time you play.

If you have been playing craps for awhile you know that when a gambler is trying to roll for his point number again, usually he sevens out before he hits his point number again. Winning is not impossible when you wager with the shooter, but it is more probable when you wager with the house instead. Many consider this a wager that is in poor taste, but if it is an advanced Craps Gambling Strategy that works, so don’t worry that the other people at the table may not like the move. Remember that you are not there to make friends, you are there to win money. When you keep this in mind it will be easier to make the less favorable craps wagers.

Doing this can improve your odds of winning during any specific roll because you have the opportunity to make many different wagers. The come and don’t come wagers offer the same payouts as the pass and don’t pass wagers, but because you can place more than one wager you can advance your odds. Many new gamblers are too timid to make more than one wager here, but if you want to increase your odds of winning, you should try this out and see how much better you do when you place more wagers. It is generally worth the risk.

wagering on single numbers such as 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 may or may not be good. If you wager on the four or the 10 and you win you are going to be paid out at 9:5. The five and the nine pay out at 7:5 odds, and the six and the eight payout at 7:6 odds. The six and eight wager is always considered the best wager to make because you are reducing the house edge to 1.52%. Yet, if you place the five and nine or the 4 and the 10 you are putting yourself at a disadvantage because you are allowing the house to enjoy a four to 6.73% advantage. Take some time to really study the odds and which wagers are good and bad, this will help you make those split second decisions that mean the difference between winning money and losing money.


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