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Losses add up quicker if you Wager on two blackjack hands at the same time

There is no mathematical footing for the notion that you can change the flow of cards and change your luck by switching from one spot to two. What will happen, especially on a game that uses an automatic shuffler, is that you will be dealt far more hands per hour and the casino edge will eat up your bankroll at a much faster clip. Let’s run some numbers.

Say you are a basic strategy player and your average Wager on is $5 per hand. To Wager on two hands, many casinos will make you double that amount per gambling circle, so you are in fact wagering $20 per round. Now let’s put Joe to the right of you, Jane to your left, with four wagers in play.

When you’re gambling with two other players on an auto-shuffled game, the game can be expected to average at least 600 decisions per hour. You’ll see half, or 300, of them. gambling $10 per round means you will be wagering a total of $3,000 over the course of an hour.

With the casino having a 0.5% edge against the basic strategy player and you decreasing your decisions per hour to 200 with just one hand at $5, your expected hourly loss is just five buckaroos. But by gambling two spots ($10) instead of one ($5) and at 300 decisions, your expected hourly loss drastically jumps to $15.

The only advantage I see to gambling two spots is this: If you’re a card counter, it would be to your advantage to Wager on more than one spot when your count gives you a clear edge. Counters gambling heads-up against the dealer know that by gambling two spots, they have twice the chance of getting the high value cards as the dealer has. But the newer automatic shufflers that randomize the cards after each hand make card counting futile, so you won’t see card counters gambling on them.

A New Online Blackjack Gambling Guide is an ideal new online Gambling guide if you are looking to become a more informed Blackjack gambler and will avoid new gamblers from making those beginners´ mistakes. will assist German gamblers in locating all the information they may be looking for and if you would like to practice your skills make sure you have a go at the table in the free Blackjack game section. allows even the most knowledgeable of gamblers the chance to perfect their skills.

“Our aim is for gamblers to obtain a greater understanding about the Blackjack game and its diverse set of rules. Strategies, tips and different Blackjack systems can be confusing and difficult for gamblers to get a grasp of, so our goal is to ensure gamblers are fully aware of all aspects surrounding this great casino game.”

The online blackjack portal presents its visitors with specific Blackjack rules, along with a list of online casinos. Some of the biggest names in the online casino industry, such as Casino Tropez and Casino Bellini to mention a few, are all linked with to allow its visitors the chance to directly visit these sites and have access to all the exciting online games.

The Blackjack casino game, like in many other European countries is enormously popular in Germany. The Blackjack staff noticed that people are eager to learn more about the Blackjack game, so they have formed a complete guide known as

“Our aim is for gamblers to obtain a greater understanding of the Blackjack game and its diverse set of rules. Strategies, tips and various Blackjack systems can be confusing and difficult for gamblers to get a grasp of, so our goal is to ensure gamblers are fully aware of all aspects surrounding this great casino game.” claimed the webmaster of

Learn How to Gamble on Blackjack

If you have ever walked through a casino resort, the chances are good that the busiest area in the entire casino was the blackjack section of the casino. This is because blackjack is the one of the most popular of all casino games and it has been so for many, many years. Maybe you were a bit envious as you watched the action as the onlookers ooohed and aahed while the tension and sense of excitement ran high.

You could have simply waited for an open seat and tried to learn how to Gamble on Blackjack by taking cues from the other Gamblers seated around the table. But you probably didn’t want to embarrass yourself because after all, everyone else already knew how to bet. You could always learn the game by purchasing a book at a local book store but if you want to learn how to Gamble on live blackjack in a manner that is actually fun, you should turn to the web!

There are numerous online casinos in operation today that allow you to Gamble on Blackjack for free. There is no catch to this type of offer as the casino operators are only hoping that once you learn the game and feel comfortable gambling on it for free, that you will create an account and bet for real on their site. The best web-based casinos that offer free rounds of blackjack also offer some helpful info on their sites that can teach you all of the ins and outs of the game. By taking the time to read through this information,you will learn everything you need to know to become a decent blackjack Gambler.

Today, the number of people becoming hooked on the game of blackjack continues to rise. This is due to many reasons but particularly because it is now super easy to learn the game thanks to the world wide web. In order to win consistently at the game of land based or online blackjack you must have an in-depth knowledge not only of the rules of the game but also of the blackjacks strategies and tips that help you win more often. And where to you find these strategies and tips? You guessed it – online at the top casinos offering free blackjack.

So stop being the envious observer and learn the game of blackjack online! Once you spend a few hours gambling on some practice rounds, you will wonder what in the world you have been waiting for all these years! Blackjack is an easy game to pick up and it is by far, one of the most exciting cards games ever invented.

Once you become confident in your abilities, be sure to Gamble on a few rounds of live dealer blackjack. This is the most exciting way to Gamble on Blackjack on the web. Real, live dealers run the games via video feeds. The images you see on your computer screen are of the same high quality that your TV gives you. Live dealer blackjack is the next best thing next to being in a brick and mortar casino gambling on the game, and actually offers many advantages. You do not have to leave home to enjoy the high level of excitement nor do you have to wait for a table. Live dealer blackjack is definitely where the action is when it comes to gambling online, so jump in a game and enjoy the thrill!

Mobile Blackjack Gambling

Are you ready for some mobile blackjack Gambling? You might be, but if you’ve never played mobile blackjack before, you may be wondering about the basics. Read on for everything you need to know to enjoy great blackjack action on your mobile device.

Blackjack Gambling
The first thing you’ll want to do before Gambling on blackjack on an online casino for real money is to learn the game. Blackjack is a simple game to learn but there are some strategies that are important to know to maximize your success. The basic game is easy to understand: Your goal is to get a point total closer to 21 than the dealer without going over, with face cards worth ten, aces one or eleven and everything else face value. However, there is a correct play for every situation, and you should learn these by accessing a basic strategy guide online before you start to gamble.

Gambling with Mobile Blackjack
Once you know the game, you’re ready to get some online blackjack gambling on your mobile. Not all mobile gadgets will support all mobile blackjack games. Go to a mobile casino site online and look at the list of approved devices. If yours isn’t on it, you will need a different mobile casino or a different mobile device. If you are approved, just input your phone number and the code provided online to send the game to your mobile. You can then set up an account and load it up with funds. If you are in the United States, you maybe out of luck due to current anti-online gaming legislation.

Mobile Blackjack Gambling
Mobile blackjack Gambling is simple. Just go to the application, select blackjack, select a bet amount, and press deal. The hand will be dealt and you will be given options to select from. In many mobile blackjack games, the best or most likely choice is automatically highlighted. Gamble wherever you want for as long as you want, keeping in mind that if you lose, you are losing real money, so you may want to limit your session to ascertain amount that you are willing to risk.


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