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Roulette Gambling popularity

Blackjack gamblers realize that with the exception of blackjack hands that pay 3 to 2, they must risk a usd for every usd they potentially win.

Other casino gambling games and bets, including slots and table games such as Let it Ride, offer the chance that a gambler might win big or make a small hit on any given bet.

Roulette gambling, like craps gambling, offers the gambler a chance to choose if he or she wants to gamble with better odds but for just an even-money payoff; long shots for a big payoff of 35-1; or some combination of the two on the same spin of the wheel.

Unlike craps, roulette gambling is very simple to follow, helping make it one of the world’s most popular casino games.

There are 38 numbers on the roulette wheel in most United States casinos. Those with 37 numbers – only a 0 and not a 00 — offer better odds but are available only in limited casinos and usually just to those willing to gamble at higher limits.

The 0 and 00 provide the house edge in the bets that pay off even money and provide the basis for the standard 5.26 percent house edge in place at local casinos and any that do not offer half the money back on even-money bets when one of the zeroes hits.

Gamblers can bet half the board, excluding the zeroes, by choosing between red or black, odd or even, or 1-18 or 19-36.

These bets appear along the outer edge of the betting layout, along with those in which a gambler can choose 12 numbers for a 2-1 payout. In that case, a $10 bet would get the gambler $20 and the return of his/her original $10. To bet 12 numbers at a time, gamblers can choose 1-12, 13-24, 25-36 or any of the three columns that include a series of 12 numbers, such as 1, 4, 7, 10, etc.

Table minimums are posted for how much needs to be bet on each spin of the wheel. These are separated into the inside, where gamblers bet particular numbers and/or combinations of adjacent numbers, and the outside for the above-mentioned bets.

Any bet on the outside must on its own meet the table minimum. Those placed on the inside need only to meet the minimum when they are all added.

Gamblers can bet inside, outside or both.

Using both provides the combination of the relative insurance of gamlbing close to an even-money bet at the same time the gambler is seeking a big payoff.

All bets are placed by putting chips on a number, lines joining a combination of numbers or boxes representing bets, such as black.

For the casino to track each gambler’s bet, gamblers are generally given colored chips signifying $1 or $5 to place around the board. Each gambler has his own
The biggest potential payoff comes from putting a chip or chips on a single number. If that number hits, it pays off at a 35-1 rate.

Any line connecting two numbers, such as 10/11 or 14/17, pays 17-1 if either number hits when the roulette wheel is spun.

Gambling on a “street,” which is a row of three numbers, pays 11-1. The basket combination of 0/00/2 also pays 11-1.

A corner connecting four numbers pays 8-1. A sixline, connecting two streets, pays 5-1.

There is only one bad bet to be made. All other bets have the same 5.26 percent house edge, except betting the five numbers (0, 00, 1, 2, 3) pays 7-1 and gives the house an edge of 7.89 percent.

As long as a gambler avoids the five-number bet, there is no such thing as a wrong bet once one chooses to wager on roulette.

Gamblers should recognize that blackjack and craps have less of a house edge. Roulette is often offered at limits and wagers at a pace that gamblers could get the feel of stretching their gambling usds, particularly if they play the 1-1 and 2-1 bets. Or they could choose to make it riskier and put all of their money on one or a very few numbers.

The ability to choose which range to play within can help make roulette an enjoyable option.

Few games can be maneuvered quite as much to offer the gambler exactly the combination of likely payback or potential big payoff sought

New Microgaming Casino Gambling games

Leading online gambling casino software provider Microgaming has announced that it will be releasing some exciting new gambling games in the month of July. These gambling games are innovative and will offer something completely different to players at Microgaming online casinos. These gambling games will be available on the Microgaming Flash platforms and also through QuickFire. QuickFire is the new Microgaming initiative that allows online casinos to access a selection of its gambling games without having to lease the complete software package. It is not clear whether it will be available on Microgaming’s Download platform as well.

One of the new gambling games is titled Hexaline. The Microgaming press release defines this online casino game as “an ‘alternative slot’ style game where players aim to complete a colored chain of adjacent hexagons from left to right on the honeycomb grid”. After the payouts are made the winning blocks are replaced with random new blocks. If the new arrangement of blocks results in a winning combination again then the player gets fresh payouts. Like normal online slot gambling games, Hexaline also has a bonus feature. If three or more bonus symbols are present on the grid after all payouts are made then the Gold Trail Bonus game gets activated. Players have to pick hexagons with the objective of advancing towards the right hand side of the grid, with each pick adding to the win until the End Bonus symbol is selected.

The other innovative online casino game announce by Microgaming is Multi-Player Premier Roulette – Diamond Edition. This is the third Multi-Player casino game in the Microgaming portfolio and the first one that is not an online slot. Premier Roulette – Diamond Edition creates a live casino environment by offering players the opportunity to play roulette with other players. Players can actually place bets alongside each other. Those online roulette players who want to follow the wagering pattern of lucky players can do so in Multi-Player Premier Roulette – Diamond Edition. Players can also build on and work out their own strategy and compete to be the biggest winner at the table. Since this is a multiplayer game the player does not have the liberty of taking his own time for placing bets. However, there are three different tables that players can choose from. These are the 20, 40, and 60 second tables. Players can also choose an Alias and Avatar before taking a seat at the table and can chat with fellow players as in a live casino.

The regular online slot game Riviera Riches was released at some Microgaming online casinos in the Download and Flash platforms last week. It will go live at more Microgaming online casinos with the other two gambling games.

Basic Blackjack Gambling Strategies

Most players new to online blackjack use many bad blackjack Gambling strategies that result in consistently losing when Gambling on casino blackjack.

Both experienced players as well as beginners make an array of almost identical mistakes when Gambling on traditional or online casino blackjack.

The key is to remain focused on the game if your strategy involves winning. If you are trying to unwind then go to a masseuse. If you are trying to win, then concentrate on avoiding the following losing blackjack Gambling strategies and you are sure to win more often.
No matter how complex of a system you are using, it’s failure to remember the basic blackjack strategy chart that causes the most loses.

Always remember to adjust the strategy based on the house rules for that particular blackjack table. So you must pick the optimal hand strategy for that particular table.

If you are playing at a table where the dealer can hit on soft 17 (Ace+6) yet you’ve memorized the blackjack Gambling strategy chart for a table where the dealer must stand on soft 17, you are in trouble. There is more than one blackjack Gambling strategy chart that the casino so thoughtfully provides.

Imagine you are in a new city and are using a map to find your hotel. But no matter how closely you follow the map, you still get lost. It’s because you are using the wrong map.

This applies to blackjack, where we fight tooth and nail for every 0.25% edge over the house. You must use the correct map for the particular city.

Be aware that inside the same casino there could be a number of rules for different tables. Don’t just sit down at the blackjack Gambling table and ASSume anything. Read the little placard first to know the fine print.

Always remember that what’s important is that single card the dealer is showing and how it compares to the two cards you have. The blackjack Gambling strategy charts are there for you and they work. So work them.

Also don’t sit in Seats 1 and 2 at a blackjack game table; those are reserved for suckers, drunks and losers. Sit around the middle, where not only will you clearly see the cards, but will have a little more time to think about the strategy chart.
Concentration is the key, so make sure you pay careful attention to the game and never set your brain on cruise control.

Online Casino Gambling Strategy

Creating an online casino gambling strategy for how to win at the casino should be a priority of every gambler online. Unless you were born under a lucky star, simply betting randomly on various games will rarely deliver the winnings you desire. Let’s look at some ways to improve your odds of coming out ahead.

Many believe that success in any activity requires a winning attitude.  Begin with a positive mindset, they say. Visualize your desired outcome. Knowing you can win is a great first step in creating a profitable online casino gambling strategy.

Next, you might want to set some goals as part of your how to win at the casino plan. Targeted winnings should be realistic. A reasonable objective for any single session of play would be less than or equal to the size of the bankroll you are willing to risk. More than that may lead to over-aggressive wagering or over-staying a winning streak.

Having a time limit is also a good idea. Games are set up so that the odds always favor the casino in the long term. Your gambling strategy should be to aim at strings of short-term wins. Play frequently for brief periods of time, rather than sitting through a single long session once in a while. Being a frequent gambler will get you recognized for loyalty by the online casino, too.

One of the very best tips for how to win at a casino is to “control what you can control.” Concentrate your efforts on aspects of play you can manage, such as only playing games you understand well, making bets appropriate to the size of your bankroll, and knowing when to sit out, take a break, or stop playing. Remember: You can only win if you quit while ahead.


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