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Wheel Bias in Roulette Gambling

There are so many systems and little “tricks” people use to try and win in roulette Gambling that you could write an encyclopedia on this information.  But even with all of the Gambling systems out there, the house somehow manages to maintain its 5.26% edge on the majority of players.  So this definitely raises the question of whether or not any of these systems are legitimate. 

One Gambling system that people seem to believe in is wheel bias, or the tought that some roulette wheels are slightly off causing a certain number to come up every 25 or so spins;  this is in sharp contrast to the normal average where each number should come up one out of 38 times. 

In order to take advantage of wheel bias while Gambling, players would need to spot the bias first.  For example, if the wheel was slightly off, a certain number could sway even wagers such as high/low from the usually 50/50 odds to 53/47 odds.  If you knew which side the wheel favored, you could go from being at a 5.26% disadvantage to having almost a 0.50% advantage over the house. 

The [problem is that to detect this bias, a player will need to watch any wheel spin thousands of times while recording each result.  So while it may be possible to detect a biased wheel, it would take lots of time.

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