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A better welcome bonus in Redbet Casino

Redbet is celebrating spring by offering players an even better welcome bonus in Casino Red. The three previous bonus options will from 1 May be replaced by a single bonus with higher value.

Here are the details for the new welcome bonus:
100% bonus on first deposit up to € 200!
25 free spins on some of our most popular games; Elements, Gonzo’s Quest, Jack & the Beanstalk. Players can use all the free spins on the video slot or self-distribute them freely over the games.
Bonus Code: Welcome200
Wagering: 40x

The new user welcome the entry into force 1 May 2013 and is available to players from all countries except Romania and Greece.

Hot Weekly Table games Bonus offers at Win Palace Casino

Stake Your Claim! Visit Win Palace all this week for a chance to claim tons of cash bonuses!

Each week, Win Palace brings you new Table Games Bonuses to boost your bankroll! So make sure to register at this great U.S. facing casino so you will get all these great bonuses in your email messages every week for the latest promotions! Or just check back in the promotion section of the casino!

This Week’s Hot Table Games Bonus Offers at Win Palace:
Deposit $21 or more or more and you’ll get a 127% deposit match using casino bonus code KICKER1
Deposit $50 or more or more and you’ll get a 145% deposit match using bonus code KICKER2
Deposit $100 or more or more and you’ll get a 172% deposit match using casino code KICKER3
Deposit $250 or more or more and you’ll get a 234% deposit match using casino coupon code KICKER4
Deposit $500 or more or more and you’ll get a 304% deposit match using coupon code KICKER5

The New Casino Gambling Experience at 888poker

Bigger, better & faster than ever – IT’S A WHOLE NEW GAME. Enjoy new games such as Clash of the Titans & Dawn of the Dinosaurs, personalize your lobby, go wild with widescreen and enhanced graphics on all your favorite casino gambling games.

Yes, now players can enjoy the brand new 888casino from the 888poker lobby.

Now players can Pick n‘ play their favorite games, their favorite way. 888 lets you personalise your lobby and create shortcuts to your favorite casino games such as Slots, Video slots, Roulette, Blackjack and much more!

Also players will get to enjoy the layout of new widescreen games using the full width of the casino.

Not Obeying the Casino’s Table Rules is a Mistake

Though games like poker, baccarat, and craps can be considered confusing by inexperienced players making their way to live and online casinos, blackjack gambling is widely considered easy to pick up. While most gamblers understand blackjack gambling basics (getting closer to 21 than the dealer without going over), misplaced confidence may lead to blackjack gambling mistakes. What follows is a list of the worst blackjack gambling mistakes you can make, and how to avoid them.

If you’re doing some blackjack gambling online then you likely won’t have to worry about any strict table restrictions, as the process will be automated. Taking a seat in a live casino, however, subjects gamblers to a bevy of rules and regulations that they may otherwise be unaware of. For example, if you’re playing a face-up blackjack gambling you should not touch your cards, as some cheaters have been known to mark aces and other 10-valued cards once they’ve seen them.

Never handle your chips once the hand has been played, as the dealer cannot be certain that you haven’t altered your bet based on the outcome of the hand. Likewise, it’s best to keep your chips in neat and orderly stacks, as sloppy piles of chips will cause similar issues with payouts and flow of play. While most of these tips may seem to deal with etiquette more than actual rules, remember that should a dealer experience enough issues with a gambler, they may call a pit boss to escort you from the table – and possibly from the casino altogether.

Dispersing Myths about Online Blackjack Gambling

While it doesn’t take much to take part in all the action at your favorite online casino, mastering a particular game can be a complicated and involved process. As such, people without the patience to work through the difficult or otherwise confusing parts of game theory will often create myths, legends, and tricks which help to rationalize things they don’t understand. The fact is that many of the myths surrounding these games of chance reflect a simplified opinion from an uninformed source – that is to say, in most cases these ideas just don’t work. Though most casino games have amassed a healthy amount of false rumors over the years, today we’ll be doing our best to bust some of the most common blackjack Gambling myths, which have sent many a player down the wrong path.

As a game that moves progressively from the dealer’s left to right, many players have developed the opinion that the final seat on the table, known colloquially as “third base,” is the worst position from which to play. This myth arises from the fact that this player sits just before the dealer, so what cards they do or do not take directly affect what the dealer would have drawn. As such, players in this position are often treated as something of a pariah among more superstitious gamblers. Though it is true that this person’s decision will directly affect the draw of the dealer, it is just as likely that their play will cause the dealer to bust as it is for them to win. As with most card games, it all comes down to the luck of the draw, and nothing a player in any position will do, short of cheating, will change that.


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