Barney Frank’s Internet Gambling Proposal

Chairman of the Poker Players Alliance (PPA), previous Sen. Alfonse D’Amato (R-N.Y.), replied to an review that had appeared in Washington newspaper The Hill which presented Barney Frank’s to be introduced  soon Internet Casino Gambling proposal as a sectarian bill backed only by liberals Democrats, as conservatives would not likely support it.

Republican D’Amato responded to recent Hill article’s sectarian stand, and strongly said he hopes all parties to backup the Internet gambling proposal.
Some of the causes for backing the bill are that the 2006 Unlawful Internet Enforcement Act (UIGEA):
Does nothing to stop children and problematic gamblers from going online ,
Overloads the banks, making them, not the federal government, policemen of the Internet .
Costs the taxpayers billions  in unearned income .
Creating the loss of money and jobs when these companies are forced to move out of the U.S.
Is unenforceable

As an example of two-party support, D’Amato noted that when the PPA supported the Conservative Political Action Conference, they received an staggering positive response.

He stated that: “The rules that are allied with Internet freedom, personal accountability and limited government were forsaken when the UIGEA skided through Congress in 2006″.
According to the Washington lobby group, the (iMEGA), the UIGEA should be “void for vagueness”.
Stressing that “now is the time to do what’s right for all interested parties, not based on party politics”

D’Amato ended by saying that bipartisan politics would attempt to protect “Internet freedom and the public interest through taxation, licensing and regulation — not prohibition”.

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