Casino Operators Lobby For Online gambling Regulation

Online casino operators are really increasing their lobbying efforts now that their are positive signs for a regulated online casino gambling industry in the USA With online casino gambling bills being presented in Congress and overwhelming support among the Democrats, online casinos are doing whatever they can to get some assurance that they will have a voice when it comes time to regulate the USA gambling industry.

It has been reported that online casinos have invested millions to sway USA law makers to regulate the industry in such a way that would benefit them. Speculation is that PartyGaming and PokerStars have hired lobbyists to represent their interests with the USA law making body, but you can wager that many of the smaller online casino companies are being represented as well.

USA law requires that all lobbying expenditures be listed as a public record, and recent documents show that the offshore gambling casinos have spent tens of millions of dollars to try and sway the politicians to their favor. It’s easy to see that their is alot of money in the USA when it comes to online gambling, just by analyzing the lobbying expenditures of the top online casinos and how they’ve invested so much.

The fear among offshore online casino operators is that the USA casino companies will be given a huge advantage, and maybe even an unfair advantage over the foreign casino operators, and that is one of the main reasons why so much is being invested in their lobbying efforts. They want to be able to play on just as level of a playing field as the land-based casino companies in the USA.

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