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InterCasino Releases New contemporary Design and Features

InterCasino Releases its long-awaited new-look Lobby. The sharp new design is both contemporary and original, while gambling site’s Lobby’s user-friendly features are sure to be a big win with existing and new InterCasino gamblers alike.

New changes to the Lobby, which is the home of InterCasino’s array of table, slot and video games – all offered in a realistic casino environment – form part of InterCasino’s response to gamblers’ suggestions for improving the website. The dramatic result of this feedback is a host of exciting new Lobby features, all designed to enhance player experience, assisting with InterCasino’s ongoing drive to provide the very best service for gamblers.

The Lobby’s cutting-edge 3D Games Browser is infinitely improved – not only do the new advancements provide more selection for the player when choosing games, but the functionality has been improved to make it much more intuitive. There are now two different methods for choosing games – firstly, the ‘list view’, which displays the games alphabetically, providing details of each and allowing the player to sort games by name, jackpot total, minimum and maximum stake, and secondly, the ‘games browser’, which shows images of the games flying across the screen, allowing the player to download with two simple clicks.

Fotis Bachtsevanis, Head of Affiliates at InterCasino, comments: “We’re thrilled with the new and improved Lobby. With its progressive new design and user-friendly features, it really has been given a facelift and should provide greater convenience for existing gamblers, while also attracting new clients seeking a sharp and efficient site which they can navigate with ease.”

Other exciting features of the impressive new Lobby include a ‘favourites’ section, giving gamblers the ability to choose games for quick launch, and a newly designed splash screen featuring key games. It also boasts a bottom right hand browser in which new games, promotions and offers can be viewed, a new search facility in which games can be found by typing in the first few letters of a game, a jackpot counter showing all available jackpots on InterCasino, as well as a ‘what’s new’ video tutorial.

Online Casino Checks British Advertising Regulators.

The Internet casino gambling corporation has decided again risk the rage of the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority with a new commercial advertising, in spite of aving their last few ads denied by the regulators.
Managers at Ladbrokes, the online casino gambling promoter, evidently aren’t familiar with the expression “once bitten, twice shy.” The Internet blackjack gambling corporation has decided to once again risk the rage of the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority with a new commercial advertising, in spite of having their last few advertisements refused by the regulators.
The new advertisement for Ladbrokes again is humoristic. A hazardous advent as the ASA has shown no incline to recognize comedic aim. This time a monster lemur counts down from one hundred and then goes seeking for the gambler, smashing into buildings as it trips through empty streets in a game of hide-and-seek.
The punch line is that you can find excitements easier than playing hide-and-seek, with a lemur just by gambling roulette at Ladbrokes online casinos.
The ad recollects a bit of British pop culture history. Earlier, Ladbrokes had to remove a commercial promoting a man swimming with sharks after coating himself in meat and using the same theme of thrills that are easier to find. In that situation, the ASA responded to a individual complaint that the ad urged reckless risk-taking conduct.
Ladbrokes itself may be taking a dangerous gamble, betting that the ASA is contained of more than just unhumorous, literal-minded Puritans.


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