How Many Coins Should You Gamble in Slots

You might believe that you know the answer to how many coins you should wager while online slots gambling is easy: the maximum amount allowed.  After all, this is what all of the experts recommend since it gives you the best shot at winning a big jackpot.  And gambleing the max amount of coins almost always increases your online slots payouts.  But surprisingly, gambleing the max amount of coins isn’t always the best ides in online slots . 

When you should gamble max Coins
You should always gamble the max amount of coins allowed in progressive slots. Nearly every time, gamling the max amount of coins is the only way you’re going to have a chance to win the progressive jackpot.  Failure to gamble the max amount of coins severely reduces your expected payouts in internet slots, which is why you shouldn’t even gamble progressive games if you don’t have enough for the max bet.

Regular online slots games that offer straight payouts – except for an increase in the jackpot payout – also require max coins in accordance with correct strategy.  For instance, if you’re gambleing a machine that allows three coins per pay line, a one coin jackpot win might pay out 800 coins, a two coin jackpot would pay 1,600 coins, and a three coin jackpot would award 3,000 coins.  This being the case, you need to bet the max coin amount.

When you shouldn’t gamble max Coins
Although progressive games are extremely popular and take up a lot of the online slots industry, there are still a fair amount of games where you’re better off not gambleing the max coin amount.  Classic online slots that don’t award any sort of progressive payouts aren’t worth gamling more than one coin on.  For instance, if you a particlar slot machine only offered payouts of 500 coins, 1,500 coins, and 2,500 coins on jackpot wins, it doesn’t matter if you bet 1, 2, or 3 coins because there is no progressive reward for gamling more.

Multiplier casino gambling games where you activate the reels with the first coin and get bonus payouts based on how many coins you bet after that aren’t worth the extra wagers either.  So you should stick to one coin bets on most multiplier games.

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