NFL Forces to Preserve Online Sports Betting Unlawful

Millions of dollars spent on campaigning by sports leagues to stop sports gambling, ended in Frank accepting the reality that containing sports betting in his packet could put the whole bill at danger.

As the details of Barney Frank’s legislation endorsing regulation of online gambling that include Blackjack Gambling, Roulette,Slots, Craps and Poker are studied, one noteworthy aspect is the prolongation of the prohibition on Internet sports betting. Millions of dollars spent on campaigning by sports leagues to avoid sports gambling ended in Frank consenting the fact that including sports betting gamble in his package could put the whole bill at danger.

Sports organizations in the US, the National Football League in specific, have argued intensely against any legal Internet gambling. Officials from the NFL have alleged the purity of their games is at stake.

“The manifestation by the professional leagues of shock at the idea that people would in fact bet on games was one of the least convincing emotional outbreak I have met, but we recognized the reality of it,” said Frank. In spite of NFL insincerity, Frank understood the opposition to sports betting is extremely influential, if misplaced.

Frank and his co-authors were constrained to place a clause in the regulatory bill reading, ‘‘No provision of this subchapter shall be construed as authorizing any licensee to operate an Internet gambling facility that knowingly accepts bets or wagers on sporting events from persons located in the United States.”

“No one will be betting on professional sports games,” said Frank sarcastically. While no one may play at legal, licensed, regulated online casinos, millions of residents will bet billions of dollars with neighborhood bookies and illegal operations, as they do every year.

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