Online Gambling Reduces Stress

The most recent news arriving from university research about online casino gambling is very positive. A research lately performed by McGill University in Montreal Quebec Canada is implying that online gambling activities are, in fact, good for your health. This comes as a surprise, but to other people who enjoy online gambling or even actually gambling a few dollars, they know it reduces stress levels considerably. The truth that stress kills is a well known fact to doctors and anyone who has practiced that out of control sensation while waiting in line or in tough traffic. Gambling online games including casino games not only had players emotion less stressed but also that the stress hormone, cortisol, fell by an standard of 17 percent. This is evidence for some behavioral scientists that gambling online games is a viable method for decreasing damaging and counter productive stress levels. Stress roots destructive behavior such as over eating and drinking in extra, giving rise to heart problems and social instability.
In an Eastern Carolina University USA study administered over six months and involving 134 subjects, they found computer games could reduce stress and make people a slightly happier in general.
An Oxford University U.K. research found that gambling may be efficient in dealing with post traumatic stress syndrome. Gambling online can be an escape mechanism that researchers are certain is good for the player redirecting the individual’s mind and enabling a laid back mood. Stress can lesser the immune system’s effectiveness causing headaches and bad-tempered bowel syndrome, and there are researches proposing links between stress and cancer. So it is possible that one may live longer if they play games on their computer.
An online casino administered its own unofficial research of individuals gambling blackjack on their web site revealed that 74% of the gamblers felt that the games were a way to reduce stress and have fun. Those who declared that the game didn’t help with stress were generally gambling for higher stakes. An earlier study of roulette gamblers had approximately the same results with 77% finding the game a good way to reduce stress. While some high stake games may root some stress, gambling a friendly game of poker or bingo has for many been a extreme run away from the daily grind.

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