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Gambling on Roulette scratch and spin card

Capture the whirl of the Online roulette table with this scratch and spin card.

If classic online roulette isn’t scintillating enough, add to it the instant results of the scratch and win card and you have yourself a true winner.

Roulette is one of Jackpot Scratch’s most popular Gambling games. Not only is it fun, it also pays. With five chances to win on every card and cash prizes from $10 up to$100K, you will enjoy Gambling your way to winnings.

Whether you’re Gambling for the big bucks or just for fun, scratch and win Online Roulette has an option for you. Gambling can start as low as $0.50 and go as high as $10 a card. Change your mind half way through? No problem – change your bet.

A 95% return to player, average hit frequency of one in three, and 24/7 support only add to your enjoyment. And if that’s not enticement enough, you can also take advantage of lucrative 100% bonuses up to $250 on your first deposit and up to $150 on your second deposit.

Don’t stay still. Start spinning; er make that scratching, now.

Roulette Gambling Systems That Work” Revealed by

There are many Roulette Gambling Systems that crop up online, which are supposedly easy to implement and “guarantee” instant riches. But according to popular online gambling and casino website,, winning on the roulette wheel is not quite as simple as it may seem.

“If all we had to do to win money on the roulette real was to log onto an online casino and place a bet on a ‘guaranteed’ system then we would all be rich!” said a website spokesperson. “But this is simply not the case, and a number of Roulette Gambling Systems may well even worsen your odds at winning.”

The website goes on to highlight the fact that Roulette Gambling Systems can still work, provided the player in questions has realistic expectations.

“Some Roulette Gambling Systems can work, but people still lose money by implementing them. This is not down to the system, it is down to the player not having reasonable expectations and not knowing when how to quit when they are ahead.”
To help online gambling enthusiasts increase their chances of profiting from online casing playing, has just published a post titled “Roulette Gambling Systems That Work”, which goes into detail about how to implement one particular system that has the potential to increase the odds of success.

The system described by the website involves placing $100 even-money roulette wagers, along with a $10 split bet on ‘0’ and ‘00’. The site is keen to highlight that whilst the system cannot guarantee success, it does at least provide a well thought out and methodical approach that can improve the odds of winning.

To read the detailed description of the new roulette betting system, visit

About is a website dedicated to bringing the latest news, views and information from the gambling world to their readers. The site has a regularly updated blog that includes tips on how to gamble online, as well as a number of step-by-step betting systems for readers to implement.

Roulette Gambling – Avoid Five-Numbered Bets

Of the casino games commonly available to players, roulette gambling is often one of the most misunderstood, especially with its many gambling options and associated odds. Hoping to shed some light on the game, here are some tips and strategies to improve your roulette gambling experience.

Avoid an Online Casino’s Five-Numbered Bets!

The five-number bet in roulette is made in the hopes that the ball will land on any of 0, 00, 1, 2 or 3 (these are always the numbers used in a five-number bet). The five-number bet can only be made using an American style wheel, as European style roulette gambling wheels do not include 00.

The reason that the five-number bet should be avoided is simple math: Online casinos only offer a payout of 6 to 1 for a win. As you are gambling on 5 numbers, the return on a 6 to 1 bet would be 1.2 to 1, and that is only if you win.

For example, if you bet $1 on each of the five numbers, and win, the online casino will pay out $6 for your initial $5. Based on the probabilities, all other bets are more worthwhile.

Most online casino experts suggest steering clear of it.

Roulette Gambling popularity

Blackjack gamblers realize that with the exception of blackjack hands that pay 3 to 2, they must risk a usd for every usd they potentially win.

Other casino gambling games and bets, including slots and table games such as Let it Ride, offer the chance that a gambler might win big or make a small hit on any given bet.

Roulette gambling, like craps gambling, offers the gambler a chance to choose if he or she wants to gamble with better odds but for just an even-money payoff; long shots for a big payoff of 35-1; or some combination of the two on the same spin of the wheel.

Unlike craps, roulette gambling is very simple to follow, helping make it one of the world’s most popular casino games.

There are 38 numbers on the roulette wheel in most United States casinos. Those with 37 numbers – only a 0 and not a 00 — offer better odds but are available only in limited casinos and usually just to those willing to gamble at higher limits.

The 0 and 00 provide the house edge in the bets that pay off even money and provide the basis for the standard 5.26 percent house edge in place at local casinos and any that do not offer half the money back on even-money bets when one of the zeroes hits.

Gamblers can bet half the board, excluding the zeroes, by choosing between red or black, odd or even, or 1-18 or 19-36.

These bets appear along the outer edge of the betting layout, along with those in which a gambler can choose 12 numbers for a 2-1 payout. In that case, a $10 bet would get the gambler $20 and the return of his/her original $10. To bet 12 numbers at a time, gamblers can choose 1-12, 13-24, 25-36 or any of the three columns that include a series of 12 numbers, such as 1, 4, 7, 10, etc.

Table minimums are posted for how much needs to be bet on each spin of the wheel. These are separated into the inside, where gamblers bet particular numbers and/or combinations of adjacent numbers, and the outside for the above-mentioned bets.

Any bet on the outside must on its own meet the table minimum. Those placed on the inside need only to meet the minimum when they are all added.

Gamblers can bet inside, outside or both.

Using both provides the combination of the relative insurance of gamlbing close to an even-money bet at the same time the gambler is seeking a big payoff.

All bets are placed by putting chips on a number, lines joining a combination of numbers or boxes representing bets, such as black.

For the casino to track each gambler’s bet, gamblers are generally given colored chips signifying $1 or $5 to place around the board. Each gambler has his own
The biggest potential payoff comes from putting a chip or chips on a single number. If that number hits, it pays off at a 35-1 rate.

Any line connecting two numbers, such as 10/11 or 14/17, pays 17-1 if either number hits when the roulette wheel is spun.

Gambling on a “street,” which is a row of three numbers, pays 11-1. The basket combination of 0/00/2 also pays 11-1.

A corner connecting four numbers pays 8-1. A sixline, connecting two streets, pays 5-1.

There is only one bad bet to be made. All other bets have the same 5.26 percent house edge, except betting the five numbers (0, 00, 1, 2, 3) pays 7-1 and gives the house an edge of 7.89 percent.

As long as a gambler avoids the five-number bet, there is no such thing as a wrong bet once one chooses to wager on roulette.

Gamblers should recognize that blackjack and craps have less of a house edge. Roulette is often offered at limits and wagers at a pace that gamblers could get the feel of stretching their gambling usds, particularly if they play the 1-1 and 2-1 bets. Or they could choose to make it riskier and put all of their money on one or a very few numbers.

The ability to choose which range to play within can help make roulette an enjoyable option.

Few games can be maneuvered quite as much to offer the gambler exactly the combination of likely payback or potential big payoff sought

Online Roulette Game Gambling Tips

Online Roulette gambling is one of the world’s most popular casino table games and a mainstay at online Casinos. It is easy to play and easy to win if you follow some simple Online Roulette gambling winning tips. In particular, we have gathered some specific Online Roulette gambling tips to help you get the most out of your play.

Money management is of primary importance among Online Roulette gambling tips. Before you play, set some limits. Play with a predetermined amount of money or for a certain period of time. Set yourself a goal, too, such as a fixed monetary objective. It will allow you to measure progress.

Online Roulette gambling is all about numbers, and so are Online Roulette gambling tips. Take time to become familiar with Online Roulette gambling odds and payouts. You can work out your casino gambling strategies before you ever place a bet. The math will tell you how much you might win and what risks are required.

One of the best Online Roulette gambling tips is to take advantage of technology. Unlike land-based casinos, online Casinos doesn’t mind if you bring your calculator to the table. There’s no need to make computations in your head if you can do it with a few key strokes.

Of course, you will want to have the best chance of winning. Any list of Online Roulette gambling winning tips will remind you that single-zero versions of Online Roulette gambling have a lower House advantage (2.7%) than American Online Roulette gambling with its double zero (5.3%). European Online Roulette gambling and French Online Roulette gambling are the better choices, and easy to access online.

Many fans of Online Roulette gambling like to play with a system, either a betting progression or a pattern of wagering on the Online Roulette gambling layout. Again, there is no need to keep track of bets in your head. One of the best Online Roulette gambling tips is to use a spreadsheet on your computer to keep track of wins, losses, and the next bet to make.

Video Roulette gambling Perceived as chancier Than Real

Individuals may be less willing to take risks on activities depicted online through video feeds than they are in person, even when the activity is the same.

In a study of individuals gambling on roulette, participants perceived more risk in games broadcast over video than gambled on in person.

The feeling that we don’t have as much influence over something that happens remotely, rather than right in front of us, seems to produce this difference in perception.

“individuals prefer face-to-face” contact, said Jim Phillips, a psychologist at Monash University near Melbourne, Australia and co-author of a study published April 20 in Computers in Human Behavior. “Providers of electronic services struggle with such tendencies when they try to replace face-to-face with computer mediated transactions.”

Video is considered a more “rich” form of remote communication than text- or audio-based media because video conveys facial expressions, hand gestures and eye contact. Companies use video to foster employee cooperation and some gambling websites use video feeds to enhance customer experience.

Previous research demonstrated that cooperation between individuals using audio and video technologies was comparable to face-to-face situations, though it took longer to achieve remotely than in person. Other studies have shown that the less “rich” a communication medium is, the less individuals trust both the technology and any information they receive through it.

To test how the video medium might influence decisions, Phillips and his co-authors asked study participants to bet on two scenarios of roulette. In one instance, individuals gambled on the game while looking at a roulette wheel over a video feed. In the second scenario, the wheel was located in the same room as the bettors.

In each scenario, test subjects gambled on both high- and low-stakes games. Bets were made by computer so as to decrease human hampering; to encourage test subjects to take the games seriously, the top two scorers won iPods.

Phillips and his associates found that in games with higher stakes, participants wagered less with a remotely located wheel than with a wheel right in front of them. They also took longer to place their bets in high-stakes video feed games than with the in-person scenario. bettors preferred having the roulette wheel in the same room with them.

“Up close, there is the opportunity to enforce social contracts, to check the transaction,” said Phillips of the participants’ preference. The prevalence of internet scams and spam doesn’t inspire confidence in a more limited interface like video and the internet.

Ernst Bekkering, a professor in information systems and technology at Northeastern State University in Oklahoma, complimented the researchers’ setup, eliminating the potentially confounding human element of experimenters asking bettors for their bets.

But John Campbell, a professor of information sciences and engineering at the University of Canberra in Australia, cautions that the number of participants in the study was small, at 34, and biased towards men.

According to Phillips’ team, the perception of reduced control over remote activities can result in more than cautious behavior. It could also increase inappropriate behaviors, since there would be less of a chance of reprimands or disapproval.

Roulette Gambling Winning Frequency

The house edge is the same on nearly every roulette wager, which means there isn’t much strategy involved with the wagers you make. But this certainly doesn’t mean that you should make any roulette wager because there’s more to the equation – namely win frequency.

And depending on the size of your roulette bankroll, win frequency could be the most important concept to you. With that in mind, let’s cover the basics of roulette win frequency and how you can use it to your advantage.

Roulette Gambling Winning Frequency Basics:
In American roulette, which is the most common version, every wager gives the house a 5.26% edge (except for the 5 numbers wager, which we’ll cover later). So if you make a 1 to 12 dozens wager, the house has the same advantage on you as with a red/black wager. However, your odds of winning are drastically different since the dozens wager will only win 31.58% of the time while the red/black wager wins 47.37% of the time.

This being the case, red/black is one of the best wagers you can make in terms of win frequency along with high/low and odd/even; all of these wagers offer a 47.37% probability of winning. Assuming your bankroll is only $100 and it relegates you to playing $5 roulette, you should stick with these wagers the entire session. They have the highest win frequency, and you’re hopefully going to keep getting wins to boost your bankroll with these wagers.

You should not, however, make wagers with low win frequencies like the single number wager (2.63% chance of winning), split wager (5.26% chance of winning) and the street wager (7.89% chance of winning). These wagers don’t win very often, so your session will be done pretty quickly if you make these wagers.

The Worst Roulette wager:
Along with making wagers with a high win frequency, you also want to avoid making the 5 numbers wager because it’s the worst wager in terms of house edge. In American roulette, a 5 numbers wager gives the house a 7.89% advantage. On top of this, it also has a low win frequency at 13.16%.

Good Luck on your next gambling Session!

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Casino Web Cam is pleased to announce a complete website redesign with new casino gambling games, features and stunning graphics that is sure to meet the needs and expectations of today’s sophisticated online casino player.

The Casino Web Cam redesign includes an updated look and feel, more customization, added player options, improved usability, enhanced scalability, seamless game upgrades and more. These new features and benefits will result in more signups, higher conversion rates, increased revenue and better player loyalty for operators.

New features include custom video layouts with custom video resize and video zoom, a one-click ‘Mini lobby’ that allows players to browse other games while seated at a table, customizable branding and table felts, a full screen mode, a dynamic Chat window, new games and more. In addition, games run from Cache which means no load time after initialization.

The new software platform also includes traditional computer generated RNG games including casino classics like blackjack and roulette, and poker games. Adding RNG games to the new Live Dealer software platform gives players the best of both worlds!

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Casino Web Cam brings the excitement of land-based casinos to the Internet. Using real-time streaming video, players see and hear actual games of Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Poker and Sic Bo. See and hear our beautiful dealers deal the cards, throw dice, and spin roulette wheels. Players can chat with the dealers using the chat box and hear responses using streaming audio. Our live streaming technology is the fastest and most stable on the market. The camera has two different zoom levels and the chat box allows you to interact with our beautiful dealers.

The Edge with the European Roulette Wheel

When it comes to winning at roulette gambling, you cannot control the outcome when the wheel stops, yet you can control where you place your chips and the type of roulette wheel you wager it on. One of the easiest ways for roulette players to better their odds is by gambling strictly on a European roulette wheel. The European roulette wheel has the green 00 slot which is not found on the American wheel.

One less green slot might not sound important, yet the end result is a house edge that is much better. A standard European roulette wheel offers a 2.70% house edge against a 5.26% edge on an American wheel. You can further reduce the house edge by looking for the table with the “en prison” rule.

Once you have found down the right wheel, you are ready to begin gambling. Not all wagers are created equal. It’s important that players realize the fact that online casinos do not pay true odds. That means that though your odds of getting a single number are 36 to 1, the online casino only pays 35 to 1.

As a rule, the harder a wager is to win, the higher the house edge on it is. While you won’t get wealthy from playing outside bets, ultimately they possess the best odds and therefore are the best choice for long-term roulette gamblers.


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